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Kids need choice!

After countless arguments, debates and hard work from campaigners, finally a big name store has made the move to a unisex brand for kids.

I am in two minds about what John Lewis have done, part of me is excited that people are taking notice and changing the way we market clothes for kids but the other part of me thinks they may have taken it a step too far. The way they have branded the clothes to me is wrong as the girlier style clothing (dresses, floaty t-shirts) are branded as GIRLS & BOYS and the boyish styles are branded BOYS & GIRLS. Personally I think they should have just called it ‘kids’! As you are still telling the buyer who should be wearing it by putting one name before the other on the label rather than keeping the labels all the same. And I’m pretty sure a lot of boys would be put off buying something that said ‘& GIRLS’ on it. As our kids are not going to change their view on stereotypes over night. Calling it just ‘kids’ let’s us be the decider or the child as to who they think should wear it.

I think John Lewis has taken a very risky approach and there will be a lot of people who will not be behind this change.
They would have been better to start with introducing a unisex section which includes all the character and slogan t shirts, tops, jumpers, trousers and leggings. As well as a boys and a girls section, then you are catering for everyone’s needs. Zara do a similar thing already on their online store. Unfortunately not everyone agrees with the un-genderising of clothes and to be honest I think some thing’s need to be genderised especially when you reach the older kids clothing as they are starting to hit puberty and by that age girls and boys are physically very different and are more sensitive to the world around them.

We don’t want to end up confusing our kids, we just need to give them a lot more choice!

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