Another year, another adventure!

We found out last year that we are expecting a baby! So in 4 months time we will have two little munchkins (plus the hairy dog kind), it still hasn’t sunk in for me yet, I keep having slight panics about how I will cope the days I’m on my own with two small humans. It’s hard enough trying to cope with one and to be fair he’s pretty good most of the time.

So, while I have been off work over the holidays, I have been trying to work out what baby bits we will need to buy, luckily we kept a lot of the stuff from Isaac, the only major buy is a pram and carrier and a few more clothes. We haven’t found out the gender again, so it’s been interesting to see how much the baby market has changed in terms of genderised products and marketing. I’m shocked to say it’s not got much better, prams are pretty unisex in terms of style and colours, so we didn’t have any issues there. Clothing is pretty poor though when you are looking for unisex items, the quantity of unisex stuff compared to the usual pink and blue items is very little! And the clothing that is labelled as unisex is usually grey or white. I understand that there is obviously a strong market for pink and blue but is that because nothing else is offered as an alternative?

My plan over the next few years is to rather than moan about the lack of unisex options is to come up with my own designs for baby/kids clothing which works for both genders. I need your help though! I will start by doing some market research to find out what styles, designs and brands you all like/dislike and will continue researching current unisex brands and clothing designs for kids in general to see what’s out there.

Watch this space! 🙂

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