Girl or boy?

This is my friend’s little girl Hattie. Her mum posted this on Facebook: ‘This is the outfit she chose today, I said u look like a boy she said, that’s ok I like boys’; what a great comment! Hattie, you’re awesome. J

One day, I would like to walk into a shop and just see an aisle for babies and kids. Parents and children could then choose clothing based on what they like and not be influenced into buying a certain colour or style. I know lots of parents who dress their kids in boys and girls clothing: if their little girl wants to wear a Marvel comics jumper then why can’t she?

It has become very popular now to find out the sex of your baby before they are born, I think this is mainly because parents can plan their nursery colour schemes and babies’ wardrobes. We decided to not find out as we wanted a surprise: it was definitely a surprise, as I was convinced I was going to have a girl. In a way, it made it easier for me, as I had worried that if we had a girl we would end up with endless pink baby grows and girly outfits!

Newborn clothing is the worst in terms of options: it always tends to be pink, blue or white. I know white is traditional, but where did the concept of pink for a girl and blue for a boy come from…

I dressed our little boy mainly in neutral colours. He was often mistaken for a girl, as people assumed he wasn’t a boy because he wasn’t dressed in blue. It’s funny how just two colours can be so influential into the way we view gender. We need to change the way we think about colour and style. Let’s help our kids to express themselves through clothes and play. Let them create their own identities!

Next week, I will be posting some links to kids’ unisex clothing which is available on the highstreet and some cool online brands.

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