Unisex kids clothing brands

If you are fed up of the stereotypical high-street fashion for kids, why not check out some of these unisex kids brands.

5 unisex kids clothing brands that you may not of heard of;

Little Bird by Jools Oliver goes back to the retro clothing of the 80’s, bright primary colours and bold prints. The newborn collection is super cute and fun. Available at Mothercare.

The collection reminds me of a tracksuit that me my sister and my brother had, my mum used to think it was cute to dress us all the same, even though there was three years between each of us! (See photo). What cuties we were. 🙂

Zara is a popular high-street store, which until I had Isaac I didn’t realise sold kids clothing. Their stuff is super cool and trendy and tends to have a variety of colours and styles for both boys and girls. A lot of their basic range is completely unisex. There prices are not too bad either, especially if you can get stuff in their yearly sale, which is on at the moment! I bought some awesome retro leggings for Isaac, proper 80’s style.

Fred and Noah is a small UK brand run by a husband and wife team. Their clothing is for 0-4 year olds, and they specialize in organic leggings and hand printed t-shirts. I love their printed leggings and t-shirts and all of it is unisex. They don’t even have a boy and girl section on their site, everything is altogether, which I love! Check them out.

Desmond Elephant is a selection of designer brands from the UK, Europe and America. There cool and colourful collection is for kids aged 0-8 years. There items are good quality and have fun designs which are not gender specific! They also sell cute homeware items. There prices are a bit on the high side but it says there clothing is durable and lasts so you can pass it on to the next generation. Something you don’t get with cheap high street brands.

Little Green Radicals is a UK company specialising in organic fair trade clothing for kids. All their clothing is made from 100% organic cotton. There collection has a very retro feel to it, bright colours and old styles like dungarees and tunic dresses. Their website only has two categories baby & toddler and kids, no pink or blue here! Go check them out.


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