Sleep Thief

One thing I miss now I’m a parent, is being able to sleep! Lie-ins are a thing of the past, and my body clock is all over the place. Isaac was always a good sleeper as a baby and I always felt awful when mentioning this to other parents as they were having such a hard time with their little ones. It’s funny how if our babies are doing something good we tend not to boast about it but if they are little s**ts we moan about it all day long. Now Isaac is a toddler, he has decided that sleep is something he does when he feels like it, some nights we get a full 7 hours, other nights it’s like he has been possessed by some demon from another world, screaming ‘mummy’ as loud as he possibly can whilst banging the side of the cot.

I think I have worked out why toddlers do this, they are cleverer than we think, they know that if they get mummy super tired she turns into a Mombie, then they will be able to get whatever they want. Have you ever walked around like something from the walking dead with a toddler clung to your leg in full tantrum mode and you get to the point where you will basically do and give them anything just to get 5 minutes peace! ‘Mummy can I have a biscuit, mummy can I wear this fleecy onesie even though it’s mid summer, mummy can I get every single toy out and not play with any of them, mummy can I wear wellies in the house, mummy can I have these crisps, mummy I don’t want those crisps I want these ones, mummy I don’t want my dinner that you spent an hour cooking, mummy, mummy, mum….. arggghhhh.. yes, OK you win!

When I think I’ve mastered the whole sleeping through the night thing we have another ‘sleep regression.’ I’m starting to believe that sleep regressions are just a name to make us feel better, to make us believe that there will be an end to this nightmare, but we know in a few weeks or days we will go through it all again. My mum says that we always slept through as kids, I don’t believe her, I’m pretty sure she must have given us some kind of night cap before bed or she has erased the memories of sleepless nights from her brain! Similar to how we forget just how traumatic and painful child birth was…. 🤔


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