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Dinosaur Tea Party

Sometimes I sit and watch Isaac quietly playing with his toys, absorbed in his own world. These moments are precious and we should cherish them as we forget how to do this when we become an adult. I wish I could go back to a time when my imagination took me into another world, a world that only I understood.

We need to encourage our kids to play like this as the modern world of TV’s, tablets and consoles distract them from the real playground around them and in their own heads. I admit I often sit Isaac in front of the TV or tablet as it’s easy and I know he will keep quiet for half an hour while I do some cleaning or washing, but I always get the mum guilt and worry that it isn’t doing him any good. Healthy playtime doesn’t always have to involve mummy or daddy joining in, we just need to start them off by giving them objects and toys to help encourage their imaginations.

I caught a moment like this on camera, Isaac was sat playing quietly by himself talking to his dinosaurs and making them tea and ‘yum yums’ (his name for food)…. and then this happened. Got to love the mind of a 2 year old! haha oh dear…

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